Track: Roots Before Branches
Artist: Glee Season 3

★ The song that you are about to hear is entitled Roots Before Branches originally sung by Room For Two. The Glee cast made a cover of this song featured in its 3rd Season finale and Yup! that’s right I am a CERTIFIED GLEEK \m/ What I love about this song was the message and melody of the lyrics that will surely be on anyone’s LSS mode the moment they listen to it. Oh, and by the way, just a little request, I hope that this song will be a part of our Commencement Exercises next year ^‿^

The Road to the Finish Line

After 12 weeks of summer vacation, On Monday, June 18, another chapter in my High School life will unfold and this chapter will be the final stop as the finish line draws near. Finally, Seniors na kami! kami na ang mga BIG brothers and sisters sa school ^.^

A new school year is not just all about a new classroom with new classmates and teachers, it also marks a new beginning with a fresh start and another opportunity for us to search, set and achieve our goals.

What are my Golden Dreams this year?

I honestly have no idea what God has in store for me this year but there are things that I’ve been praying to God everyday and I’m hoping that He will hear and answer my requests.

★ A happy and successful school year filled with good memories that I can treasure for the rest of my life. About the Honor Roll, Hmm…Si Lord na bahala sakin sa usaping yan:)

Lemme share to you this funny conversation I had with my mom…Since we’re not very rich. I’M NOT A MILLION DOLLAR BABY! We were talking about the Academic Scholarship in UST wherein students are required to pay only during their enrollment.

Me: Naku! Ang laking ginhawa niyan sa’tin ^‿^ 

Mother: Kaya lang for High School Valedictorians and Salutatorians lang daw eh. Kaya sana mag-VALEDICTORIAN ka this year.



★ Pass all my entrance examinations especially BS Med Tech in UST (Lord, please bigay niyo na po sa akin ito. Kahit ito lang po talaga, wala na po akong mahihiling pang iba:)

To graduate with flying colors and to become a part of the Honorable Mention (If it’s God’s will) is such a HUGE BLESSING FOR ME…So Help Me GOD! ツ

To the tune of “Assignment, Assignment Suntukan” :P

Quizzes, Seatworks, Practical

Assignments, Projects start na naman!

Ganyan ang student life, maraming daily tasks!

Abukaka bukaka ako’y Super Haggard^o^image

Matapos ang 3 buwan na pagpapahinga, papasok na naman muli ako sa “Bahay ni Kuya”:) 4th Year na, so expect BIGGER and MORE CHALLENGING tasks. Kaya always remember…


Good luck and God bless this school year! I hope that this school year will be a great one for me. Last year na’to sa High School kaya LET’S MAKE IT EFFIN AWESOME! \m/(^‿^)\m/

"I will just go out there, have fun, do the best I can and pray that in God’s will success will be mine."

(Source: The Road to the Finish Line)

Habang kumakain, nakabukas ‘yung TV at nanunood sila ng TV Patrol…


Korina Sanchez: Bukod sa mga kriminal, may bagong kalaban na naman ang mga pulis. Ito ay ang… katabaan.
Ako: …ano ginawa ko?

Happy Philippine Independence Day.

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Panaginip Lang Pala

Sa panaginip ko, binigay mo sa akin ang puso mo
Sa panaginip ko, lagi tayong magkasama 
Sa panaginip ko, hawak mo ang aking mga kamay
Sa panaginip ko, ako lang ang tanging pag-ibig mo
Kung pwede lang sana, ayoko nang magising,
Nang sa gayon, habambuhay mo na akong mahalin sa mga pangarap ko.

They say dreams are results of our daily activities. Sabi nila kapag nasa panaginip mo ang isang tao palagi mo iniisip ang taong iyon. Sabi rin ng iba, kapag nasa panaginip mo ang isang tao ibig sabihin nito ay iniisip ka niya. IS IT FOR REAL?!..Parang napaka-imposible naman na isipin niya ako dahil first of all, WE’RE NOT EVEN CLOSE FRIENDS , although kilala ko siya at kilala niya rin ako.

Ano nga ba ang nangyari sa panaginip ko?

Itago na lang natin siya sa pangalan “PSP

Sa isang panaginip, hindi maiiwasan ang mga Über WEIRDO!.. na eksena. Sa panaginip ko, nakatira kami sa isang condominium. Kasalukuyang nakatambay ako sa lobby nang nakita ko si “PSP” na umaakyat sa mismong condo unit niya. Ako naman, siyempre sinundan ko! “PEE-BEE-BEE TEENS?!..Habang papaakyat todo ubo pa ako para mapansin lang. Laking gulat ko nang buksan niya ang isang unit na malapit sa tinitirahan namin. Meaning…MAGKAPITBAHAY PALA KAMI!..Sa wakas, napansin niya na rin ako. Kahit na walang nangyaring batian, kitang kita pa rin ang pagkagulat sa mukha niya. 

Lumabas kami ng mother ko para mamalengke. Tanghaling tapat ng mga oras na iyon kaya napakainit at mataas ang sikat ng araw. Habang naglalakad ako na may hawak na payong, napansin ko na may pilit sumisingit at nakikisilong sa payong ko. Biglang gulat ko nang makita ko na ang taong nakikisilong pala ay si “PSP” ヅ Dahil kilala ko naman siya, inakbayan ko na lang siya at hinila papalapit sa akin  ”PEE-BEE-BEE TEENS?!..

Sa palengke rin pala ang punta niya. Habang namimili kami nalaman ni mother na kakilala ko siya at kapitbahay pa namin kay ininvite namin siya for dinner. Tuloy-tuloy lang ang kwentuhan namin but suddenly…HERE COMES THE WEIRD PART, nalaman ko na ang cause ng pagiging “OSY” niya ay ang kanyang leg injury/abnormality 【•】_【•】Absolutely NOT!

The way na naalimpungatan ako at nalaman kong panaginip lang pala ang lahat, MASAKIT! Ayun na yun eh! Nandun na eh! Going back, tuluyan na nga akong nagising mula sa isang masayang panaginip. Anong naramdaman ko? Ang bilis bilis ng tibok ng puso ko at naiiyak ako na may halong panghihinayang sa kanya. Hindi ko alam kung bakit ganun na lang ang naramdaman ko. Siguro ito yung tinatawag nilang “IMPATSO-ATION”. Hanggang panaginip ka na lang talaga siguro pero gayun pa man kailanman ay hindi ako magsasawa na tanging ikaw ang nilalaman ng aking panaginip ^‿^

That’s What Makes You Beautiful ♥‿♥

(Source: Panaginip Lang Pala)

Top 10 Haunted School Stories Of All Time.


1.) De La Salle — College of St. Benilde

The setting: An evening class

In attendance: A professor, his students, and a creepy girl

The tale: It was the first day of the semester, and the professor called out the roll, trying to match each of his students’ faces to their names. When he had finished, he noticed that there was one person who had not been called: the girl dressed in a white shirt and jeans sitting at the front row directly across his desk. He asked for her form to check if she was enrolled in that class, but she stared up at him blankly. He repeated his question, and watched – along with the entire class – as the girl stood up and walked past him, straight through the blackboard.

Take note: Though there are many variations to this tale, the scariest thing about it is that there was nothing to suspect about the girl at first, until she actually walked through the blackboard. Imagine that happening on your first day of school!

2.) De La Salle University

The setting: The Chapel of the Most Blessed Sacrament

In attendance: The restless souls of murdered La Sallian brothers

The tale: Many a ghost story has been set in the La Salle Chapel, but among the most harrowing tales is the one about a girl who decided to enjoy some meditative quiet time there. After several minutes of sitting with her eyes closed and breathing evenly, she opened her eyes to see a shadowy figure in the middle of the chapel, moving very slowly towards her. She closed her eyes again and tried to utter a prayer while frozen in fear. But when she opened her eyes, she found that the figure had materialized completely: it was a priest with a bayonet in his gut and bullet wounds in his forehead.

Take note: The scariest thing about the La Salle Chapel ghost stories? Their origins are factual. During World War II, 16 Brothers and several families took refuge in the Chapel. All the Brothers and 25 of the civilians were massacred by Japanese soldiers. The DLSU’s official website even gives a date: Feb. 12, 1945.

3.) La Salle Greenhills 

The setting: Class 2G’s room

In attendance: The entire class 2G, their adviser and a little boy sitting in

The tale: The class had been experiencing strange things in their room for a while–objects were rearranged; televisions unexpectedly shut down; computers misbehaved. Tired of being toyed with, the class decided to set up video surveillance to record what happened in the room at night. Only after a week of this did they find the cause of their troubles: in the recording, they saw a little boy around five years old limp into the classroom, circling it as if looking for something. He then disappeared in the video, only to return a second later–walking upside down, all the while approaching the camera lens. Some say that the doors slammed shut and the television and computer both fizzled out. They had to call in a technician to fix the appliances, but the students were all unharmed afterwards.

Take note: It’s rumored that to this day, the subsequent classes who take on the section “2G” still experience peculiar things.

4.) Ateneo De Manila University

The setting: The old Communications Department building

In attendace: A janitor, a security guard and a really mischievous something

The tale: The janitor, who had just finished cleaning the bathrooms, was about to lock up the building when a security guard asked if he could go inside to urinate. The janitor agreed and let the guard in. Minutes later, when the guard emerged, the janitor double-checked the second floor bathroom–and was met with the sight of the tile walls and floors covered in streaky handprints of human excrement. He ran back downstairs to confront the security guard, who was absolutely clueless. When the security guard turned to leave, the janitor was shocked to find another handprint, clearly pressed on the back of the guard’s white uniform.

Take note: The Comm Dept. is rumored to be Ateneo’s most haunted building, but most of the classes here have been moved to the newer Social Sciences building.

5.) Miriam College Highschool

The setting: Bathroom

In attendance: Four classmates, more or less

The tale: After their classes ended late, three friends went to the bathroom together. When three of them had emerged from the cubicles, another classmate entered the bathroom and greeted them. As the fourth girl was in the cubicle, the three decided to play a prank on her. They locked the bathroom and stood outside. In a moment they felt the doorknob rattle, and heard their classmate knocking and asking to be let out. They laughed and teased her as she begged them to open the door. When she started crying and howling at them to unlock the door, the three felt guilty and gave in. They opened the door to find no one in the bathroom. Again and again they called their friend’s name, but no one responded. Spooked, the three ran to the lanai. They found the fourth girl there, who was surprised when they demanded to know where she had gone. “Kanina pa ako dito,” she said. She hadn’t gone to the bathroom at all.

Take note: Bathrooms seem to be an especially prominent setting in ghost stories from all-girls schools. Often, these are haunted by nuns, creepy cubicle occupants, delinquent reflections and–in another story from this school–a ghostly head in the toilet.

6.) St. Pedro Poveda College

The setting: The “black garden” behind the chapel

In attendance: Ursula

The tale: Ursula is more than just a ghost story in this school; for young Povedans moving from primary grade school to intermediate grade school, she’s a rite of passage. Her spirit reportedly haunts the “black garden” behind the school chapel, where she supposedly killed herself. The accounts as to how she did it vary: some say she hanged herself from the big tree, others say she drowned herself in the garden’s well. Whatever the method and the reason, the challenge is to cross the garden’s walkway without looking back. If you do look back, it is said Ursula–a girl in her early adolescent years with long, wavy hair–will supposedly appear to you. What she will do with you is left to the imagination.

Take note: Ursula is ubiquitous in Poveda ghostlore, to the point that other hauntings and ghost stories are also “attributed’ to her.

7.) St. Paul Collge

The setting: A classroom

In attendance: Two girls

The tale: While waiting for her sundo, a high school girl decided to stroll the hallways after classes had ended. She passed a classroom where she sighted a lone student scribbling on the blackboard. She thought that, from the back, the student looked like a friend of hers, so she drew close to the classroom door. She gasped in fear when she realized that the student was floating a few inches off the ground. The noise made the student turn around, showing the girl its blank, featureless face and its handiwork on the blackboard: written in large, scratchy block letters were the words, “HELP, I’M IN HELL.”

Take note: In some versions of this story, the stranger in the classroom is not a student, but a faceless nun.

8.) St. Scholastica College

The setting: The physics lab bathroom

In attendance: A girl and something no one would want in the bathroom with them

The tale: One student wanted privacy while conducting her bathroom business, so she checked into a rarely frequented bathroom beside the physics laboratory. All the other stalls were empty when she came in, and she had heard no one enter, so she was surprised to find a pair of black shoes standing outside her cubicle door. They stood there, perfectly still, seemingly waiting for her to finish, even while the other cubicles were unoccupied. Slightly unsettled, the girl looked away from the shoes, shifting her vision upwards–only to find that a freakishly tall and ghostly nun was leaning on top of the cubicle door, leering at her with a sinister smile.

Take note: Whether or not the story is true, students from this school will agree that the bathroom beside the physics lab is truly unsettling: it has no mirrors, even though marks on the tile walls indicate mirrors had once hung there.

9.) University of the Philippines Diliman

The setting: Ikot jeep

In attendance: The jeepney driver and the last passenger

The tale: A trip in the iconic Ikot takes a turn for the terrifying in this story. A girl boarded a jeepney late at night, bound for one of the campus dorms. The driver said nothing when she told him her stop, but only met her eyes once in the rearview mirror. They trundled through the dark and silent campus, but the route he took was not one she could recognize. Afraid for her safety, she was wary throughout the ride, until the jeepney made a turn, and she found herself just across the street from her dormitory. Mildly shaken, she hurried to leave the jeep, but the driver stopped her, telling her that as soon as she got home, she should take off her clothes and burn them. He explained that he took a detour to ward off the evil spirit that must have been following her. “Pagtingin ko kasi kanina sa salamin,” he said, “wala kang ulo.”

Take note: The jeepneys that ply the campus even late at night are perfect settings for stories about ghostly hitchikers. In the UP campus, these jeepneys follow a specific color code: yellow roofs for the Ikot and Toki, red roofs for the Katipunan, blue roofs for those bound for SM North, and green roofs for those bound for Philcoa and Pantranco. If you find yourself in UP at a late hour and see a jeepney approaching, make sure it’s one of those colors. Otherwise, walk away. Very quickly. And don’t turn around.

10.) University of Santo Tomas 

The setting: Hospital morgue

In attendance: A resident and a dead body or two

The tale: A UST doctor decided to ride the elevator down to the hospital morgue. There was only one other passenger inside. Noticing a patient trying to catch the lift, the doctor immediately shut the door. The other passenger asked her why she refused to wait for the patient. She explained that the “patient” was wearing a red band on his wrist and she’d been warned that only corpses wore such bands. The passenger approached him and lifted his arm. “Tulad nito?” he asked, showing the crimson tag dangling from his wrist.

Take note: Four hundred years old, and just plain old, the University of Santo Tomas is an easy target for ghost stories. In a 2006 article in the Varsitarian, History professor Jose Victor Torres explained that thousands of people have died in the University through the years—even before the campus was built. Other reported ghostly areas include the main building, Benavidez Park, and the Ossarium (a storage area for bones in the med building).

As for the corpse trying to catch the elevator? Well, he was just trying to hitch a ride to his home—the morgue. Perfectly understandable.

My Road to College: Filing for UPCAT

Tamang tama at kabubukas pa lang ng UP Diliman-OUR (Office of the University Registrar) nang dumating kami kaya wala pa masyado ang mga aspiring Iskolar ng Bayan. Nagulat kami ni mama nang sabihin sa amin na kailangan pala muna magbayad ng Testing Fee na 450 sa Land Bank bago ma-file ang App. Forms ko. Sabi nung sa registrar malapit lang daw ang Land Bank pero siyempre dahil tamad maglakad si mother at layo layo ang mga buildings sa UP nag-decide kami na sumakay na lang sa aming van para express bilis 

Naligaw Moments 101: Nasaan ang Land Bank?!..Dirediretso na kami pero hindi pa rin namin nakikita at ang layo na ng narating namin. Tanong dito tanong doon. Bandang likod lang pala siya ng OÜR.

Sa wakas at nakabayad na rin After maayos ng App. Forms ko binigay nila ang aking Test Permit together with the Campus Map.

Dito sa Test Permit nakalagay kung When and Where aking entrance examination.

God Bless this Day ^‿^

Place: Law Center

Date: 04 August 2012 (Saturday)

Time: 12:30 p.m.

Bago kami umalis sa OUR bumili muna ako ng aking remembrance, Chicken Empanada and Puto with Cheese ^.^

According to experts, UPCAT Tip #59: Advance UPCAT Recon: “Know your testing hall in advance…" Bago pa namin tuluyang lisanin ang campus (Lalim!..xD), sa tulong ni "The Map" pinuntahan namin ang aking Testing Venue. Mukha naman maganda yung lugar, sabi nga ni mama maganda raw yung building kasi malapit sa Sunken Garden meaning hindi sila maiinip sa paghihintay sa akin during the examination day. Yun lang!!! Balak yata nila mag picnic at magpagulong-gulong sa damuhan :)

Whew! Thank You Lord for a fruitful day! Wag sayangin ang pagkakataon, Handa handa rin para sa UPCAT. Kakayanin ko toh! SO PLEASE HELP ME GOD ^‿^

Before: Fair Chance…

After: To be determined;)

My Road to College: Entrance Test Review

Tuwing napapag-usapan ang tungkol sa College Entrance Test…

Oh Gosh!..




Bilang isang incoming 4th Year H.S. student, isa sa mga goals ko this year is TO PASS MY DREAM COURSE & UNIVERSITY. Tough one, isn’t it? Pero talagang kailangan kong makipagsapalaran para makapasa. So para maging handa ang aking utak, maging fruitful ang aking summer vacation at hindi manatiling “PAL” (short for “palamunin”) sa loob ng bahay nag-enroll ako sa isang Review Class administered by Diliman Access.

Last April 16, nagsimula ang aming College Entrance Test Review with the Diliman Access team. Naging maganda naman ang simula ng first session namin with our Teacher Assistant, Ate Angela (Hmm…Wala na yatang mas hihinhin pa kay Ate Angela =^.^=) and Sir Reymond. Kala namin orientation lang pero bigla kaming binulaga ng isang Pre-Simulation Exam which turned into an EPIC FAILURE (>.<) Na-Starstruck ako sa EXTREME Time Pressure;) Sanay kasi ako magtake ng exam slowly but surely. May mabuti namang naidulot ang exam, at least nalaman ko mga strengths and weaknesses ko ^‿^

Naging maganda naman ang lecture sessions namin with our lecturers. Hands down ako sa kanila dahil marami akong natutunan na test taking tips sa lahat ng subject areas. Pinakahindi ko makakalimutan si Sir Ronald dahil sa pagpansin at pag-gaya niya sa aking Speech Impediment.


Bumawi naman siya ng sinabi niyang “Bakit?..Si Coco Martin na sikat na artista may problema din sa  “S” sound”◔_◔ Oh diba?!..

Medyo nakaka-BV nga lang ang mga quizzes bago matapos ang bawat session. Paano ba naman, hindi ko pa nga na-oorganize ng mabuti lahat sa utak ko lahat ng mabilisang tinuro QUIZ AGAD AGAD?!..Lalo na sa MATH!..It takes time☺ Hindi ko rin alam kung anong misteryo ang meron tuwing sasapit ang oras pagkatapos ng break time. Paminsan minsan kasi parang bigla na lang nawawala ang focus ko sa discussion namin. What’s Da Mata?! (-”-)

Included din sa review package ang Simulation Test for UPCAT, optional naman ang para sa ACET, DLSUCET at USTET. Tanging UPCAT at USTET lang ang kinuha ko dahil ito ang mga universities na priority ko. Hindi naman approve si madirna kumuha ako ng ACET at DLSUCET dahil kahit pumasa man daw ako sa Actual Exam “No Chance in Hell” pa rin dahil wala kaming Money Money Money xD

During the Simulation Test=>

That moment when the proctor says “Time is up! Turn to the next test and begin…


Nye nye nye nye nye nye!..:P


Then I go like this…



Isa ang Simulation Test sa mga dahilan kung bakit maganda ang review program ng Diliman Access. Through this exam, nabibigyan kami ng outlook kung ano ang pakiramdam at meron sa isang College Entrance Test. Sa pamamagitan din ng resulta ng exam na ito malalaman namin kung ano ang kailangan pa ma-improve sa skills namin.


Things I need to improve:

  • KNOWLEDGE about the different subject areas
  • TIME MANAGEMENT under extreme Time Pressure

Sabi nga niEizelle-Joei Legaspi, ”Kahit na maliit ang chances, dapat subukan pa rin. Sabi nga nila, “If there’s a will, there’s a way!” Kung determinado akong pumasa, dapat susubukan ko lang at hindi ako susuko. Sapagkat, nakikita ko na isang araw, nakalista na ang pangalan ko sa passers next year.

May God continue to bless and guide me on my journey. KAKAYANIN KO TO!!! \m/(^‿^)\m/

WrestleMania XXVIII Results: A Full Review of the “Once in a Lifetime” Event

Welcome to the WrestleMania! Review! Time to find out who the best in the world is? Will Undertaker’s streak come to an end? And the one billion dollar question: Who will win between The Rock and John Cena in the main event? Shortly all those questions will be answered, but right before WrestleMania I always like to reflect a little. There have been moments on this road to WrestleMania that have made me laugh, cry, and yell “orange chicken douche!” at my TV. In all seriousness, though, I am so pumped up for this WrestleMania… Much more than last year’s. There is something special in the air tonight. It smells like history in the making. And no it doesn’t smell like what The Rock is cookin’. Sometimes the ora of ‘Mania is too much for the wrestlers to handle. Tonight the card is an appropriate one for the biggest show of the year, and I have a feeling the wrestlers are going to cherish their moments under the spotlight. 


First off, I have to say how much I love outdoor WrestleManias. I love how you can see the day turn into night. Such a beautiful sight, which adds to the scenery instead of being in a arena where the backdrop is the same all the time. Also, the WWE had some outstanding shots of the stadium. Yeah, the camera had a few glitches, but after the HHH entrance I didn’t notice anymore.

Now let’s head down to ringside!

(Dark Match) Triple Threat Tag Team match for the WWE Tag Team Championship: The Usos vs. Justin Gabriel & Tyson Kidd vs. Primo & Epico

We go to the ring and out first comes The Usos with their Samoan entrance. The new team of Justin Gabriel and Tyson Kidd are out next followed by the WWE Tag Team Champions Primo and Epico with Rosa Mendes.

One of the Usos, Gabriel and Primo start things out. Gabriel gets dumped to the floor wile Primo and Uso go at it. Primo ends up on the floor. Kidd hits him with a knee from the apron. Kidd comes in and rolls Jey Uso up for 2. Kidd and Uso go at it now until Primo hits a dropkick from the top. The tag champions double team Uso in the corner now and tag back and forth. Primo takes one of the Usos up top but Kidd slams them both to the mat with a Tower of Doom.

The other Uso comes in and cleans house. Gabriel comes off the top but gets caught in a backbreaker. Uso continues the offense and his brother tags in for some double teaming. They hit a double team Samoan Drop on Gabriel. Usos splash Gabriel and Kidd in the corners now as the champs regroup. 2 count as Primo breaks the pin up. The champs get dumped out to the floor on each other. Uso leaps from the ring out to the floor on the champions. Kidd gets dropped out in the pile also. Gabriel goes to springboard out to the floor but slips. He goes back up and moonsaults out onto the other 5 Superstars. 

Gabriel brings Epico in but gets caught with knees to the gut off a springboard. The Usos try to take the pin after a splash from the top but don’t get it. Primo hits the Backstabber on Uso from behind for the pin and the win. 

Winners: Epico and Primo

Courtesy of Eric Kanes (Bleacher Report) ^_^

World Heavyweight Championship Match: Sheamus vs. Daniel Bryan

I wasn’t expecting a great match here because it was obvious WWE wouldn’t let them go all out before Undertaker/Triple H and Cena/Rock. However, I at least expected a nice 12 minute back and forth match. Instead, what we got was Sheamus winning in a squash match, beating Daniel Bryan in 18 seconds after just one move. This is the second year that both guys got screwed over at WrestleMania and it was especially disrespectful to Daniel Bryan, who spent the last several months busting his ass in matches and getting his character over. He deserved better. It would’ve been very easy to have a shorter divas match and scrap the pointless Brodus Clay segment. Oh well. Hopefully, Daniel Bryan can get his WrestleMania moment next year.

Winner and New World Heavyweight Champion: Sheamus (DUD)

Kane vs. Randy Orton

This wasn’t that bad and I don’t mind Kane going over. Doesn’t really hurt anyone and the feud will likely continue into Extreme Rules where Orton will get the win. One thing that’s interesting is the fact that Orton has been jobbing a lot lately. He lost to Mark Henry, lost to Rhodes, lost to Barrett, and now to Kane. Obviously, he can just bounce right back into the main event scene whenever but I wonder why this is.

Winner: Kane (**1/2)

WWE Intercontinental Championship Match: Cody Rhodes vs. Big Show

This was another decent match with Rhodes spending a good portion of the match escaping from Big Show, taking control of the match for a bit, and ultimately getting defeated. A lot of people were pissed but as I said in my preview article, I approve. Rhodes as the Intercontinental Champion wasn’t doing much for him and wasn’t really going anywhere. If it’s indifferent either way, might as well put the title on Big Show. Gives him his WrestleMania moment and makes it seem more impressive when somebody beats him, since he is a proven main eventer. Beating Big Show for the Intercontinental title > Beating Cody Rhodes for the Intercontinental title.

Winner and New WWE Intercontinental Champion: Big Show (**1/2)

Maria Menounos and Kelly Kelly vs. Eve Torres and Beth Phoenix

This was hilariously bad. There were botches left and right, Maria Menounos got way more in ring time than she should have, and I think she got legitimately hurt too. Watching her climb up the turnbuckle was brutal. Bring back Kharma, please.   I will say that Kelly’s front flip into a Thesz Press was pretty cool.

Winners: Kelly Kelly and Maria Menounos  (1/4*)

Hell in a Cell: The Undertaker vs. Triple H with Shawn Michaels as Special Guest Referee

Wow, this match was amazing. I knew it would be great but this completely exceeded my expectations. It outdid last year’s match with all the near-falls and all the drama surrounding it. Jim Ross on commentary and Shawn Michaels’ great facial expressions only added to it. After Shawn Michaels hit sweet chin music on Undertaker and Triple H hit the pedigree, I thought it was over. Undertaker managed to kick out and he and Triple H both kicked out of many close calls. It ended with Undertaker defeating him in the same exact fashion that he defeated Shawn Michaels at WrestleMania 26. These guys put everything they had into the match, with Triple H sporting a cut above his eye and Undertaker having several nasty cuts on his back. Post-match with the commentators talking about how this could be The Undertaker’s last match and then the moment with Undertaker, Triple H, and Shawn Michaels hugging and walking off together felt surreal. Hopefully, The Undertaker has one or two matches left but if not, this is a great way to go out. If this is it, thank you Undertaker, for all the years of putting on spectacular matches like these.

Winner: The Undertaker (****3/4)

Team Laurinaitis vs. Team Long

This match was fun and served its purpose in getting all of these guys on the card although it felt underwhelming after the Undertaker/Triple H match. I can’t imagine what it would be like to try to follow that. The highlight of this match for me was when Booker T walked up to the apron and socked all five of the guys standing there in the face one by one, as they didn’t even try to defend themselves. That was unintentionally comical. The spot with Kofi, Truth, and Ryder all flipping over the top rope was pretty cool too. I liked the ending with Eve getting into the ring while Ryder was setting up for the Broski Boot, Ryder getting distracted, and Miz hitting the Skull Crushing Finale to get the win. This accomplishes two things - it potentially gives Miz something new to do as John Laurinaitis will probably be looking to reward him and it gives Eve even more heat. Post-match, Eve kicked Ryder in the balls and walked off to a “Hoski” chant. If Eve starts getting enough heat, not only does that add some interest to the Divas division but it also gives WWE an opportunity to eventually use her as somebody’s manager and transfer that heat over to them, similar to Edge and Lita. Either way, I approve of this ending.

Winners: Team Laurinaitis  (**1/2)

WWE Championship Match: CM Punk vs. Chris Jericho

This match wasn’t as great as I expected it to be but I think that it’s mostly because the crowd quieted down so much after the Undertaker/Triple H match. Still, the match was pretty damn good with lots of great counter-holds. The counter with CM Punk going for the top rope huricanrana but Chris Jericho reversing into the Walls of Jericho was awesome. It could’ve done without the added stipulation of “CM Punk loses if he gets disqualified” because nobody actually believed that he’d get disqualified, but it didn’t hurt the match too much either. I still think these guys can put on better matches and I think we’ll see a few more solid matches in the coming pay-per-views.

After the WWE Championship match, we got some weird segment with Brodus Clay and a bunch of dancing grandmas. Don’t see why this time couldn’t have been spent on the world title match.

Winner: CM Punk (***3/4)

John Cena vs. The Rock

I think I might have been a bit generous with the rating as the match wasn’t great from a technical standpoint but it wasn’t about that. These guys still worked their asses off for over 30 minutes with lots of near falls. It looked like Rock might have hurt himself at one point which slowed the match down a bit, but he ended up working through it. I like that Rock won here. If Cena won, everything would just go back to normal and he’d be back in the WWE title picture within a month. Now, it’s going to be interesting to see where his character goes from here. It’s also kind of funny to see people complaining that Cena lost, when these are the same people that complain every time he wins.

Winner: The Rock  (****)

Final Thoughts

Overall, I have to give WrestleMania 28 a very strong 8.5/10. The Undertaker/Triple H match was awesome and the last two matches were strong as well. Other than the world title match, all the right people won. It was also streamed well, leaving all of the high-profile matches for the last three hours. This is definitely a pay-per-view that won’t be forgotten any time soon.

Courtesy of Eric Kanes (Bleacher Report) ^_^

BOOM!!! Goodbye MOLAVE! xD

Well, another school year came to an end. Aww! Really gonna miss our class:( Here are the "O M G!" Moments of the Year, representing the most shocking and memorable moments of this school year. Moments that made me say… "OH MY GOD!".

1. Grand “CHENES!” Day (First Day of Classes)

June 15, First Day of Classes, New S.Y., New classmates, New teachers and a NEW BEGINNING. Hailing from the smart and talented students of Third Year-Molave and under the supervision of my new class adviser Mrs. Maria Pilar Victoria G. Jimenez. We are the Junior “Molavelicious” ^_^

2. Walang Pasok!..

That moment when it’s raining really hard and the whole class has gone wild shouting the words “SUSPENDED!..” repeatedly while others are spreading rumors about classes being already suspended even though it’s not yet confirmed by the administrators. Every student looks forward to a long weekend, so be thankful to typhoons, holidays and even transport strikes:)

3. Shocking Victory during the Elections and Academic Fest

During the elections, I ran for for the position of Vice-President of our class and of the Computer Club and guess what? “O M G!, I won!” ^_^

The Computer Club for S.Y. 2011-2012 (Missing: Joseph Lanz Baldovieso xD)

Last Academic Fest, I competed in the Science and Spelling Quiz Bees and also in the Science Slogan Making Contest and the Academic Olympiad. The week during the Academic Fest was one hella busy week especially the night before the competition. There were so many things that time I needed to accomplish. At the conclusion of the competition…

"O M G!, I won!" ^_^

4. National Career Assessment Examination (NCAE)

San ka pa? Last year 2nd Year kami nag take kami ng NAT then 3rd Year ngayon NCAE naman, O M G! \m/ Pero para sa akin, okay lang naman. Kasi kahit papaano ay nahahasa na rin kami at parang ito na rin ang aming nagiging training ground before kami mag take ng entrance exams sa different universities and colleges. When they released the results, we are very happy because most of us got high Percentile Rank. Pati ung mga ibang hindi ine-expect na makakakuha ng mataas na average ay nakakuha at take note line of 9 pa.

My NCAE Results ^_^

I wish I’d gotten higher scores for Visual Manipulative Skills, Non Verbal Ability, Planning & Decision Making and Creativity. Creative naman ako ah! xD But still I’m happy with the results. 99 - Very High, panalo na rin yan!:) Oh wait, for the Occupational Fields of Interest the result says that I have the potential with the following:

  • Social (1st) -  This means that I enjoy activities that assist other people and promote learning and personal development. Examples: usher/lobby attendants, nurses/caregivers, librarians, teachers, news reporters, translators, advertisers, sales agents/representatives, athletic trainers, law enforcers, judges, counseling psychologists, religious workers/laymen, health educators, business managers, community workers.  
  • Investigative (2nd) -  This means that I enjoy activities which require mental work or thinking skills. Examples: dieticians, nutritionists, biochemists, physicists, astronomers, anthropologists, archaeologists, geographers, historians, psychiatrists, clinical psychologists, physicians, denstists, respiratory therapist, medical technologists, pharmacists, veterinarians, lawyers, sociologists, statisticians, computer systems analysts, political analysts, economists and market research analysts. 
  • Enterprising (2nd) -  This means that I enjoy activities that have something to do with carrying out projects especially business ventures. Examples: retail or sari-sari store, door-to-door sales, buy-and-sell, handicrafts, telemarketing, hairdressing, cosmetology, dressmaking/tailoring, agriculture crops, food factory, travel agency, loan service, hotel and restaurant.

Napa-O M G! naman ako kasi swak na swak sa akin ung results ng Fields of Interest ^_^

This question caught my attention in our exams:)

Inequality in giving and receiving love

In most human relationships, one gives a little more that the others. One, perhaps, receives a little more than he gives. Because of our human nature, our background and our individual needs. There is always that inequality in giving and receiving love. A perfectly mutual and reciprocal love is a rare gift. Imagine what love would be like if both gave and received a hundred percent! But St. Augustine says that kind of perfect love exists only in GOD. It is easier for most people to give love than to receive it. When we give love, we are in control. We can pick the person to love. But when we receive love, we are no longer in control. All we can do is accept the love that is offered to a certain extent, we are helpless, and that is harder. ^_^

5. Angry Teachers 

Of course, without any dramatic moments with teachers school year will not be complete. Hindi naman natin maiiwasan na magalit o mainis sina Ma’am at Sir sa pagiging pasaway natin minsan diba? “That DISAPPOINTMENT, the word DISAPPOINTMENT!” >.< The December 5 incident with our class adviser was the most memorable “dramatic moment” that I’ve encountered this school year. What’s the reason kung bakit nagalit si Ma’am?..SECRET! very PERSONAL;) Basta Happy Ending naman sa huli ^_^


(Stress at Work >.<) 

To the tune of “Assignment, Assignment Suntukan” :P

Clearance, Practice, Practical

Assignment, Group Project pasahan na!

Ayan sina groupmates, walang ginagawa!

Abukaka bukaka ako’y NAAASAR! >.<

Tambak na School Works?..WeW! Buhay estudyante nga naman =’> Yung feeling pa na sabi ng teacher GROUPWORK pero ISA o DALAWA lang ang nagawa. O M G! xD

7. Outdoor Trippings 

Field Trip at the Nido Fortified: Science Discovery Center in MOA and Cultural Center of the Philippines where we watched one of William Shakespeare’s classic “Romeo and Juliet”. Directed by Prima Ballerina, Maniya Barredo, Its lead stars are David Kiyak as Romeo and Naomi Hergott as Juliet.

Kahit na medyo na bitter ang Juniors dahil ang ibang year level sa Batis Aramin nag camping, isang MAPUTIK ngunit MASAYANG camping ang aming naranasan sa Paradise Adventure Camp, San Jose Del Monte, Bulacan. ^_^ TEAM SHAQUILLE! \m/ 

8. GO WIN STRAIGHT!..JUNIORS! (JUNIORS AS ONE)Presenting, the Juniors Batch 2011-2012 during their stunning performances…DAW! xD

JUNIORS Part 1: Cheers and Yells

JUNIORS Part 2: Cheerdance

Retro theme inspired performance beginning with the 70’s disco fever during the Intramurals. ♫JUNIORS! JUNIORS! DOMINATE! DOMINATE!♫ \m/

Arnis performance during the 41st Foundation Anniversary of our school last February 21, 2011. Na-LSS lahat ng Juniors sa kantang Papi by J.Lo. ♫Move your body, move your body, Dance for your Papi♫ \m/

9. My First Ever JS Prom 

Last February 18, 2012, I’d experienced my first ever JS Promenade. I participated on some activities of the program such as the Cotillion dance. Truly, JS Prom is an essential part of High School life. An event where we can express our sense of style and fashion through our fabulous outfits, collect memorable photos that we can treasure for the rest of our life and most importantly party’n all night with all your classmates, friends and teachers.       O M G! Super SHOCKED and sobrang SAYA lang talaga ako nung minention ang name ko bilang kabilang sa Best Dressed Gentlemen and of course Mr. Junior. Well, Kudos to my mom for being my personal fashion consultant and hair stylist, my sister and her boyfriend for their utmost efforts in buying bouquet of flowers and corsage and to my dad for being my personal driver. ^_^

10. Major Title Defense 

Habang patagal ng patagal, pataas din ng pataas ang pressure when it comes to my grades and rank. I’m very glad dahil kahit papaano every quarter ay nag-iimprove ang aking grades the same with my rank. Hindi ko maiwasan na kabahan bawat quarter, baka hindi ko kasi mamaintain/ma-improve yung grades ko. Kaya tuwing bigayan ng mga activity papers tapos line of 9 ang mga result napapa O M G! talaga ako sa tuwa at pasasalamat ^_^

Whew! Sa wakas tapos na rin ang 3rd Year life. Time really goes by too fast talaga parang kailan lang first day of classes hindi pa masyado close sa isa’t isa tapos ngayon end na ng school year WoW! xD Kahit papaano mamimiss ko rin ang Molave. Mamimiss ko mga asaran ng mga makukulit na boys tulad ng ilong, druglord, baho, babsie, mayor, buto, bading, Budoy at marami pang iba. Mamimiss ko rin sumigaw sa room ng “QUIET!” kapag super ingay na at mag record ng mga violations ng boys sa daily requirements. Pinaka hindi ko makakalimutan ang pagbibigay niyo sa akin ng 5 or 10 pesos noong nanglilimos ako ng pambayad ng pictures ko last J.S. You made me feel very special that time:) 

Taos puso akong NAGPAPASALAMAT sa:

  • Lahat ng aking teachers esp. Ma’am Jimenez - Marami po akong natutunan both academically and spiritually. Super na enjoy ko po ang Chemistry class niyo dahil sa mga kakaibang feeling na binigay po nito sa akin paano ba naman kasi buwis buhay TALAGA itong subject na ito xD SORRY po sa mga pagkukulang naming mga class officers at ng buong klase. Again, thank you po for being an excellent class adviser to us “Mami Chenes!”
  • Molabebes -  Sa pagiging bahagi ng aking highschool life. Maraming Salamat sa lahat ng magagandang memories na binigay niyo sa akin at sa suporta na binibigay niyo tuwing may sinasalihan akong contest. Hinding hindi ko makakalimutan lahat ng kabutihan na pinakita niyo sa akin.  Maraming Salamat din at binigyan niyo ako ng pagkakataon na mapaglingkuran kayo bilang Vice-President ng section natin. Nawa’y natupad ko ang mga expectations niyo at hindi nasayang ang pagboto niyo sa akin. It’s been a pleasure serving all of you ^_^ Sana mas lalo pa tumatag at yumabong ang friendship na nabuo kahit next year maraming malipat ng section.
  • Lord Jesus Christ - Maraming Salamat po for another successful and fruitful school year. Sa lahat po ng mga awards at recognitions na binigay Mo po sa akin thank you very much po hindi ko po magagawa ng matagumpay ang lahat kung wala po kayo. I offer all of it to you Lord:)

Muli, Maraming Salamat po sa inyong lahat ^_^ ❤ ko KAYO:)




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